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Pitching Company Testimonials - Pitching Company Testimonials

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Pitching Company Testimonials - Pitching Company Testimonials

Pitching Company Testimonials...


"Pitching for ManagementTM was a very valuable experience for the Bardowl team. We had follow on discussions with people at the event and subsequently from all the expertise areas we pitched for. We would highly recommend any start ups use the opportunity to pitch their business"

Chris Book, CEO, Bardowl 


"We pitched at the event arranged by the guys at Pitching for Management and honestly, the experience was amazing. It's a great network and the atmosphere was all about business, but really relaxed and informal. We made some very key contacts on the night, highly unlikely without such an event. I'd advise anyone with a great business idea looking for people with skills to pitch. It's genuinely unique. "

Mubin Khan, Director, MoreTalk

"I've thoroughly enjoyed pitching at P4M, and the contacts made via it have been incredibly useful to us as a growing business. If you're a start-up, I recommend you go along."

Owen Reading, EyeJusters

"Pitching for Management is a great concept, executed by a fantastic bunch of people. Through it, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

"Pitching for Management are great events - even if you don't find exactly what you were looking for, there are always lots of interesting and useful connections to be made. Definitely a worthwhile investment."

Johnny Martin

"Having heard of this ‘new’ type of talent finding and being open minded to new ideas I decided to attend a Pitching for Management Event. I was unsure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the event. From the pitch I made a good number of contacts and following further meetings found somebody to plug the particular talent gap I had at the time."

Matthew Conridge, Mamka

"Presenting a pitch helped us to narrow down the product concept, and to improve the business model. As a result of the pitch, we formed several new business partnerships, which should enable the business to grow next year."

Michael Castle, Pillminder



"We found the Pitching for ManagementTM event very helpful, both in terms of making contacts and in organising our pitch in a coherent way that explained our strategy and aims. The contacts that we made have begun to pay dividends both practically and in ways that were not immediately obvious, like the extended networks we now have access to. I'd recommend the events to those companies looking to bolster their management knowledge and capability".

Simon Heap, CEO, Design For Sport Ltd


"The calibre of people attending Pitching for ManagementTM was incredible - we would never have been able to meet so many experienced and talented professionals in one evening without it."

Ben Summers, Technical Director, OneIS


"The Pitching for Management event was the best forum I have been to for meeting entrepreneurs and like minded people.  It is always good to pitch to people who understand business and have ‘been there and done that’.  There were lots of people at the event who have been where I want to go.  I found it an invaluable experience talking to them."

John Kent, Simply Testing Ltd


"To have a realistic chance of attracting funding and growing my start up, I needed a smart founding team to help me develop the concept. Pitching for ManagementTM provided the ideal platform for me to share my story with over 70 professionals who attended that evening. To have a queue of people wishing to talk to me after the event was very encouraging and I am now following up with three of them whom may join the team in the near future."

Gary Coyle, CEO, Community Infopoint Ltd



Just wanted to say a belated thank you for letting me pitch at last Thursday's event in Oxford. I really enjoyed it and have now had about five people follow-up with me so lots of leads to explore.

Hatty Fawcett, Founder of Seek & Adore



“Pitching for Management offers a unique forum for attracting entrepreneurial talent into growing businesses. There is real rapport across the local entrepreneurial community, everyone is so helpful, and this makes it an enjoyable event as we had a useful evening”

Andrew Oldfield, CEO, Ventive Ltd


"It doesn't happen everyday to have the chance to meet very experienced and passionate businessmen who can make a difference in your business: that can be the difference between success and failure."

Daniele Occhipinti, CEO, Plancake.com


“Pitching for Management is a great place to look for senior management – the audience is made up of professionals who are, or at least have, worked in business and that is very valuable to a start-up company”

Colin Sworder, Kraft Maus


"The Bristol Pitching for ManagementTM event was an ideal opportunity for me to advertise my post for SW Services Sales Director to a large audience of experienced professionals. I was keen to grow the software side faster and so this event was an ideal chance to find somebody to help me. Although I didn't find somebody on the night, I did get some great feedback on how to make the package more attractive and I have since had discussions with potential candidates."

Mike Bartley, CEO, Test and Verification Solutions Ltd


"Thanks to you and the team for such an enjoyable evening last night.

I have had lots of good contacts and ideas."

Liz Williams of Anzaj


“Get Cycling was started twelve years ago, and we already had fourteen full-time team members when we decided to pitch. We heard about Pitching for Management through the Yorkshire Keyfund, and needed to recruit a stronger and more senior management team. We found the experience very useful. We ended up recruiting a great non-executive director and I would definitely recommend Pitching for Management in the future.”

Jim McGurn, Get Cycling


"I would like to thank AngelNews for the assistance given to me when I was seeking a Managing Director for one of my ventures, this was a tall task as I had no funds for such an individual, the opportunity offered by AngelNews to Pitch for Management was exactly what I was looking for. I was very lucky to have attended an event seeking a person who could understand my needs and the background of where I was coming from. I ended up appointing an MD who has the vision that I was perusing from the start. I would like to thank AngelNews and all of its staff for presenting a wonderful opportunity not only to me but to all innovative individuals."

Jim Nelms of Ultimate Suspension Co


"I would briefly like to take the opportunity to thank you on behalf of my company Myzupa LTD for the opportunity to pitch for management at one of your recent events.


"The format was both enlightening, professional and quite simply a resounding success. As a new technology company it was essential for us to find exactly the right individuals to join our organisation to drive it forward. We have found going down the standard recruitment agency path expensive, long winded and bearing little results. However pitching at one of your events has allowed us to meet perspective employees/directors first hand whilst also giving them the opportunity to really listen to us and other companies and what we are all about first hand. It certainly separates the wheat from the chaff and speeds up the entire recruitment process.


"I can confirm from just one meeting we recruited three top-level executives. One board member that was just formally a COO of a well known FTSE 100. A chief product design specialist formally from Dyson, and a logistics director from a national distribution chain. All had come to a natural end of their current employment and we were able to snap them up before they entered the minefield of recruitment.


"I would highly recommend that both companies and senior executives come to one of your events. Not only may it prove very fruitful it is also a great opportunity to listen to some cutting edge technologies and general networking."

Dean McEvoy of MyZupa Ltd


"I was delighted to present at Pitching for Management. It was a unique opportunity to speak to a very receptive business audience. For a small and little known organisation such as ERIC it was a platform we hadn't explored before (and we didn't know existed!) and the experience as well as being enjoyable was a unique networking opportunity.


I would recommend Pitching for Management to other organisations that are looking for a creative and cost effective way to fill positions within their organisation."

Jenny Perez of Eric


"A very positive event, made some good contacts to follow up on. A great idea well executed."

Paul Turner of TutorPro


"The event proved to be very productive for me. I have recruited a highly experienced and successful part-time Chairman with relevant sector experience, and I'm also interviewing appropriately qualified candidates for the position of part-time CFO."

Kelvyn Evans of Vital Smile Systems


"Delighted with result from Oxford and even managed to do a pitch after the London event -where I was a mere 'paying guest'- whilst running to catch a no 76 bus to Waterloo! Potential FD and Operations Director identified and a new circle of Allerayde believers! Our primary need was to kick start a strengthened management team which we have probably got together thanks to Pitching for Management."

Michael Balmforth of Allerayde


"The networking activity at the event was amazing and I had 7 very strong leads for both help and support. The Lloyds TSB sponsor chap was also incredibly helpful and has been very pro-active on my behalf since the meeting."

Craig Massey of Last Second Tickets


"I made two good contacts at the last Sheffield event, there is a real chance one of them will be working with us.... and I also met a fellow entrepreneur to exchange ideas and entrepreneurial spirit... So really worth while for me!"

Richard Mills of Swellaway


"The event was a breath of fresh air. Full of some very experience and wise people genuinely interested in business and the opportunities. I was overwhelmed by people wanting to talk to me before and after the presentations and I am coming back down to Bristol to meet a potential CEO. So for 8 minutes presentation, getting in contact with a minimum of 5 great people was an awesome use of time."

Prem Gyani of Lemon Drop


"I would recommend anyone with a growing business or concept to Pitch for Management, not only have we madesome excellent new contacts, but the experience has helped us to re-focus the business strategy completely."

Annabel McMahon of Racketys


"We took part in the pitching as we were looking for a non-executive director to assist with fundraising, growth strategy and marketing. At first I was apprehensive about the pitch because we were not coming from the angle of a big multiconglomoerate and therefore it was necessary to address and pitch in relation to social consciousness and awareness of the services that we provide. It was a case of just going for it and knowing that we have such a wonderful concept that gave the encouragement and generated the enthusiasm to pitch. We were overwhelmed afterwards with the level of support and can only thank the event organisers profusely for the opportunity afforded. I would definitely recommend to other social enterprises and charities/businesses."

Nikki Sharpe of Youth Can Achieve


"I was amazed at how supportive people were.  Many came up to me afterwards with helpful suggestions as to contacts and possibilities."

Jim McGurn, CEO, Get Cycling CiC


"We joined the session at the last minute, but found it encouraging and useful to meet a network of people that we would not be able to meet in the normal spheres of our business; people with experience of growing businesses that we could learn and benefit from."

Sue Wright, Director, Diamond Dispersions Ltd.

Pitching Company Testimonials - Pitching Company Testimonials

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

Pitching Company Testimonials - Pitching Company Testimonials

Pitching Company Testimonials - Pitching Company Testimonials