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Need a role? - Need a new role?

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Need a role? - Need a new role?

The people who get roles at Pitching for Management


Pitching for Management events offer executive and non-executive roles in exciting fast-growth companies proceeding to their next stage of growth. At each event, up to 6 companies present their businesses and the roles available ranging from sales, marketing and finance board positions to mentorships, chair, CEO and non-executive director positions.


The roles on offer can be full or part time, based in the office or working remotely. Some offer paid remuneration and all packages offer additional rewards such as sweat equity, share options, commissions and bonuses.


100% of attendees who fill in our feedback forms recommend Pitching for Management as an excellent way to find senior roles within fast-growth companies.


These are the types of people who get incredible value from coming to Pitching for Management


Cashed out entrepreneurs

If you have recently sold a business and are have some time on your hands you will find plenty of talented entrepreneurs to lend a hand to at Pitching for Management events.  You will also meet like-minded people who will have other ventures and opportunities you will enjoy getting involved with. The roles will range from an invitatiion to become a co-founder, right through to giving the odd bit of mentoring to someone you like the look of.

Crucially all the companies who pitch have learnt that they need to share to win.  Many have a strong social angle and all are very ambitious to growth rapidly.  They will definitely perform better thanks to your involvement and understand that your rewards will be aligned with theirs.

Serial CEOs/FDs/CTOs/MDs/Sales & Marketing Directors etc

Individuals looking to join a team in a business with explosive growth potential can find start ups and growth companies at Pitching for Management that Venture Capitalists, serious angels and debt providers are looking to back.  With generous equity stakes on offer and founders who know that they will need you to achieve their objectives, you will find great opportunities here.


Companies that pitch at our events are the types of businesses Venture Capitalists, business angels and even debt providers will fund the minute you are in position.  You will get a significant equity stake in the business in return for sharing your time, skills and expertise with them.  Join one of these businesses and expect calls from the VCs and others who like to back you to find out if you are ready to take their money!


Value added business angels

Business angel investors who know that they will optimise their returns by working with entrepreneurs and not just by writing a cheque for an investment, will find just the sort of opportunities they are looking for at Pitching for Management.  


We all know that it is not money that makes an investment successful; it’s what the team will do with that money. Your involvement will be critical to ensuring that any investment is optimised and you will have the chance to work with the team and really get to know them and understand the real opportunity long before the funding need becomes critical.


Entrepreneurial, but not an entrepreneur

Have you always dreamed of being the right hand person to a “true” innovator or entrepreneur such as Steve Jobs or Richard Branson?  


You probably know that you are not the person who founds businesses, but realise that you have so much to offer such people because you can “make it happen.”  We have lots of brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs who have stunning technologies and business ideas.  They are great at starting businesses, but need someone like you to turn the company into a global leader.  Come to Pitching for Management and find yourself a great person to work with. Together you can turn the business from being “just another risky start up” into a Fortune 500 company.


Bored in a big corporate

Are you holding a senior management position in a large corporate and are looking to add value to your CV? If so, you will find exciting young businesses to work with on a part time basis (maybe at evenings or weekends or even for the odd half or whole day each month).  

You can share your expertise and network in return for valuable financial rewards that will include equity stakes and other financial rewards such as bonuses or commissions.   You will also get the sort of experience that will make you an attractive candidate for that key promotion in your main role - perhaps even to the main board!  You will be offered an equity stake, bonuses and commissions in return for your help on a part time basis.  If you can spare a few hours each month (it can be during evenings or weekends) and want an opportunity that really challenges you above and beyond your current role, come and meet the entrepreneurs who pitch. You will get a warm reception and sharing your expertise will mean you do not need to take that next big step forward in your career only by moving to a new role in another large company.


Paid off and looking for a new opportunity

Has your career come to a temporary halt becuase of resizing in your company?  Does returning to a full time job just like the one you have just finished seem unattractive?  Do you have a package that means you do not have to rush back immediately into full time employment?  If so, you will find a friendly welcome with and and your skills will really be needed.


Pitching for Management will give you the opportunity to find an exciting young business to join where you will have greater responsibility, more excitement and a chance to use your skills to make a rapid and real difference.  You will become a co-owner, with a healthy equity stake in the business.  If you have always wished that you could work in a future Google or LOVEFiLM and share the financial rewards of being one of the management team that achieves such enormous business and financial success, we are the place for you.  The roles on offer are not necessarily forever.  If you plan well, you will be able return to mainstream employment with someone else with a host of skills that will make you much more valuable – that is of course, only if you don’t’ get  totally hooked on growing the business you are working with now!


Lively retired

You are far too young for your biological age and are certainly not ready to give up working.  At Pitching for Management you will meet entrepreneurs who want to share their business growth opportunity with you if you share your experience and network with them.  You will be able to work part time, full time, in the office or remotely.


These opportunities will be just what you are looking for in the phase of your life when you want still have loads of offer, don't want to work for free, but can afford to wait a while for your cash rewards.  More to the point you have so much business experience to offer sub scale teams. You may be looking to be a NED or a Chairman or even a mentor, but probably lead the sort of life where you don’t want to work full time on just one thing any more.  Perhaps you already have a portfolio of interests and want to add one or two more which will give even more colour to your life.  At Pitching for Management we promise you will find just the sort of entrepreneurs who know the value you can offer them.


Business builders

If you have your eye on taking on a successful, established business from an owner manager in a smooth transition, then come along to Pitching for Management.  We regularly have owners who are looking for someone who wants to share ownership with a view to handing control over to you in a managed process that gives the right financial and personal rewards to both parties.  


Lots of owner managed businesses use us to look for the “successor owner” or “new co-founder” to join the current owner/s in helping the business to exploit its potential.  The owner/s will be looking for someone who has a view to taking on full control/ownership in due course.  So much less risky than a traditional Management Buy-In, our companies will enable you to get “under the bonnet” and share management responsibility before a full change of control takes place.  In effect you will have the chance to do the very best sort of small Management Buy-Out – traditionally the type of venture deal that gets the best returns for management and any investors who come in on the deal.


Giving something back

At Pitching for Management we have lots of companies which have a social enterprise angle.  These businesses will offer you so much more than just financial or equity rewards.  


Typically they have highly profitable businesses which have an underlying social purpose, making the lives of people in disadvantaged groups better.  The satisfaction you will feel by offering yourself to one of them will add a surprising sense of value to your commercial skills.  The financial rewards can be pretty healthy too.

Need a role? - Need a new role?

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

Need a role? - Need a new role?

Need a role? - Need a new role?