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My Kinda Crowd - My Kinda Crowd

Success story: MyKindaCrowd


Grand Finale Award winner shares his experiences of Pitching for Management


Comments from Will Akerman, CEO of MyKindaCrowd:


“Putting it simply, Pitching for Management is the best way to engage with the people you need to help you grow your business – especially if you are ambitious and have a global opportunity,” said Will Akerman on being asked about his experiences pitching at AngelNews’s novel executive recruitment concept.


“I found out about Pitching for Management from Unltd and was impressed from day one – the ladies at AngelNews are incredibly helpful and friendly and all the information I needed so that I could do a great pitch was on hand at the touch of a button.  They were also incredibly good about checking that I was happy with everything which was a nice touch.


“The first pitch I made was at the Guildford launch; I particularly liked the 4-7.30pm timings when I was still fresh and thoroughly in work mode. The people I met at the event were great – really engaged with me, my fellow pitchers and each other.  The atmosphere was really friendly and much more conducive to doing business than many other events I have attended when people can be a bit stiff.  What’s also nice is that there is a great sense of collaboration – even if people could not help directly, they came up to me during the networking with suggestions of other people I could talk to.  Before the event, the pitching guidelines I had been given from the team were a huge help in making sure I got the content and tone of the pitch right.   I liked the fact they were not too prescriptive – it enabled everyone who pitched to interpret them in their own way which meant every pitch was highly individual.


“I was gobsmacked when I heard a couple of days later that I had made the winning pitch.  My money had been on one of the other companies who had pitched! 


“Just days later I was at the stunning Leigh Court, near Bristol, at the final;  that building is stunning – I hear that Business West sponsored the evening which is why we were there.  All I can say is that if I was based in the West Country and wanted to impress people that’s the venue I would be using for all my meetings!


“I was actually quite nervous at the final, especially as I watched excellent pitch after excellent pitch, while I was waiting for my turn.  The variety of companies on the stage was stunning – there’s no problem with British enterprise throughout the UK if these were anything to go by.  Everything worked smoothly including playing my video during the pitch.


“Both pitch opportunities gave me a really good opportunity to explain what MyKindaCrowd does – a multi-award winning website that connects Brands with every University, College and school.  Basically we bring two interdependent communities together in a sustainable way.  We only started 6 months ago and we already have 75% of universities and 25% of schools and colleges signed up and engaging with companies like McDonalds, Fujitsu, Sport England and many more.  Although we have won lots of awards this year (including from Unltd who put us in touch with Pitching for Management), the win from our Pitch in Bristol was really special because it was a totally unknown and un-prepped business audience.  And the £2,000 cash immediately went into a pitch of our own to a large corporate to win some more business so it had a commercial impact! 


“I have engaged with at least half a dozen relevant people as a result of the Pitches I made and I am sure that over the next couple of months we will be engaging with some of them on a full or part time basis.  When the moment comes for MyKindaCrowd to raise investment for expansion, these connections will again prove invaluable. I know that for the Pitching for Management team this be further proof that the concept of pitching to hire people you need works for entrepreneurially minded businesses, but for us the result will be that we can grow MyKindaCrowd much quicker than otherwise.


“I am going to keep an eye on Pitching for Management because I will want to use it again next time we want to hire someone senior and I am also going to be recommending it to all the other entrepreneurs I know.”


My Kinda Crowd - My Kinda Crowd

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

My Kinda Crowd - My Kinda Crowd

My Kinda Crowd - My Kinda Crowd