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John Potter

Part Time.

Mentor/ Non- exec director

Location: Anywhere




Shares plus fee.




Mentoring/Non-exec director role in a technology start-up




John Potter is an innovative and personable serial entrepreneur with over 24 years’ experience. He has an MSc in Control Engineering and an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering John is the lynchpin between technology, business and people to bring a successful idea from concept to market, creating multiple profitable revenue streams. He has a successful track record of innovative and profitable technical innovation internationally that spans 3 decades in the industrial automation, marine positioning, rail surveying and offender management markets. John possesses integrated experience of successful new product development across different types of business; senior roles for corporates working internationally, creating, growing and selling his own SME in 2011 having secured a French National contract worth over £80M a few years earlier, acquisition and mergers and working with start-ups. He is passionate about technological innovation and transforming an idea or problem into a successful product that makes a difference to people’s lives, managing teams people and with multi-million pound budgets throughout the whole process. He achieved 2 global patents for a monitoring tag and other projects have included laser scanners and software systems. A natural leader, he creates success through combining technical expertise, imaginative problem solving, a marketing customer led approach, outsourcing design expertise to top Universities, management of diverse stakeholders and enabling project teams with a calm, considered and collaborative communication style that gets results through using a carrot and empowerment rather than ‘cracking the whip’. He is married with three children, lives in Leicestershire with dog walking and supporting innovation in the third world in his spare time. John now enjoys a portfolio career including paid mentoring, University projects, technical contracts & projects, non-executive director posts and selected investment start-up opportunities.


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John Potter M + 44 (0) 7711 849689


Jobs - Jobs

Jobs - Jobs

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

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