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Richard Couchman

Part Time (two or three days a month)

Chairman/Non Exec

Location: Thames Valley




Daily fee




I am an experienced executive from the IT/Telecomms industry and would like to provide help to small/start up companies. My role would be to act as "mentor/advisor" to the MD/Ceo and his/her management team. I am currently chairman of a medium sized software company




I have been an MD for companies in large corporations and led successful start ups which were sold to public companies. I have a business qualification. Technical Degree. I am entreprenuerial and would be a good resource for a young company


Twitter: @richardcouchman


How to apply:


Please email:


Jobs - Jobs

Jobs - Jobs

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

Jobs - Jobs