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Foresite SPA - Foresite SPA

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Foresite SPA - Foresite SPA

Success story: Foresite SPA



Brian Hawkes pitched at our London Pitching for Management event in London in September 2013 seeking a Sales and Marketing expert to support the partnering and future funding of his business. Here he met Tagore Ramoutar who joined his team. Read their stories below…


Brian: “Foresite SPA is a revolutionary Sales Performance Application (SPA) that improves the effectiveness of ambitious management teams to deliver outstanding sales growth. In short, the performance app works by increasing productivity across the entire sales value chain. By managing customer information, commercial intelligence and performance analytics in one cloud-based system, Foresite helps companies to recognise opportunities and overcome barriers to sales.

My previous experience has been in prototyping in-house database marketing applications for the Fortune 500 company Sensient Technologies Inc and Danisco AS. Foresite was effectively born out of this when Smithfield Corporation agreed to be development partner and beta test site for a similar system in 2005.

When we decided to pitch, the company was launch ready, but was experiencing some difficulty in converting the initial fee paying clients it needed to secure partnering and funding to take the business forward.

We already had a chief technical officer and a business development manager successfully in place and with my experience in high growth and business transformations, the technical side of the business was very strong. However, we had a significant skills gap in the Foresite team and were ideally looking for somebody who was as passionate about what we do as we are. Being at the early adoption stage with limited budgets, the Angel model was the only one that had the least risk and greatest chance of success.

I was impressed at the calibre of people attending the event, and the level of genuine interest that Foresite received which made networking a real pleasure. Out of the twelve people that made contact at the event, two were serious enough to pursue. A further two individuals came forward after reading our review article in AngelNews and out of the fourteen people that approached, one in particular stood out.


After a series of follow up meetings I invited Tagore Ramoutar to join the Foresite team as our Chief Commercial Officer.”


Tagore: “I came across Pitching for Management while researching early stage venture capital and start-up recruitment. I contacted a company called Intramezzo who recommended P4M.


The initial event was very interesting and with experience as both an entrepreneur and a senior business executive I found it stimulating to hear other entrepreneur’s challenges and plans.


Listening to Foresite was an introduction to a like-minded team with a product I really understood from my past (I had introduced value chain based integrated planning in a previous role). A brief discussion confirmed that Foresite had a brilliant product with real potential and the challenges they faced were ones that excited me and I could help with.


P4M is the only event or company that is focussed on early stage companies and gives you a chance to hear their stories and network in an informal helpful atmosphere. The events give one a unique opportunity to have conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs without the boundaries of formal interview processes and job descriptions in a way that even at any early stage can add benefit and create insight. I find the events stimulate thought and interest 


Brian: “With more people than ever before starting up new businesses and/or becoming part of the workforce revolution, P4M fulfils a very worthwhile and valuable service connecting entrepreneurs, business angels and investors. Two months after pitching we have a clear go to market strategy and have seen a complete transformation in our market preparedness and collaterals. We are now poised to turn strategy into action in the New Year 2014 with a positive sense of purpose and optimism.”

Foresite SPA - Foresite SPA

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

Foresite SPA - Foresite SPA

Foresite SPA - Foresite SPA