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Frequently Asked Questions


For Audience Members...


What does it cost?

Depending on the city, the cost for an event varies - check out the particular event you want to pitch at on the booking page for details -


Don't worry, we don't charge ANY commission! 

How and when do I know what companies are pitching?

Typically profiles of the pitching companies are posted on the Eventbrite booking page 1 week before the event. We also email them around to our mailing list and post them on Twitter.

I can't come but would like to hear the details of the companies that pitched at an event. What should I do?

Call us on 01761 452248 and we will arrange to send you the slides and contact details of the pitching companies for £15+VAT per event.

I really want to work with one of the companies, but don't know what to do next?

Call the entrepreneur and arrange to meet up. Send them your CV in the meantime so they know a bit about you.

Have a meeting and treat it like a proper job interview process, but remember that they may not be as experienced at interviewing as you are at being interviewed!

I want to pass on the details of the pitching companies to someone else.  Do you have a problem with this?

Please feel free to do so, but we would be delighted if you encouraged your friends and contacts to come along to our next event near to them!


What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is outlined in our Terms & Conditions


For Entrepreneurs


Why should I pitch?

 It's a great chance to:

  • Build your management team with the RIGHT PEOPLE to drive your growth
  • Get lots FREE ADVICE and SUPPORT on your business strategy
  • Make your business FAMOUS (well much better known amongst the people who matter!)
  • Have another go at pitching, but to a friendly and supportive audience who won't condemn you if your pitch style is not as good as the business you are offering to share with them


What does a pitch involve?

Pitches are for entrepreneurial companies who need to build their teams. You have 8 minutes to explain:


  • Who you are,
  • What you do
  • Who you need 
  • Why you need them
  • What you can offer them and (of course)
  • Your vision for where you want your business to go


Each pitch is followed by a 2 minute Q&A from the audience.  


You can network to your heart's content on the night with the audience of people looking to help companies like yours.  We give them your names and contact details on the evening so they can get in touch with you on the night or afterwards.


How many roles can I pitch for?

As many as you like!  The audience will be senior, experienced people so we suggest that you only offer roles that are management/director or board level or which may not be management immediately but will pretty quickly become so.


What happens after the event?

     1.   Arrange to meet/talk to any people you have met in a prompt fashion (good people go fast!).  Remember to:
          a)    Interview them properly
          b)    Take up references
          c)    Have a formal signed contract in place before anyone actually starts working for you
    2.   We also promote your role to 10,000s of executives via our partners, so expect emails and phone calls from them as well as the people who came along and their friends and friends of friends.  You may well also get calls from people wanting to do other commercial deals with you e.g. buying your products or services.
    3.   Expect to get the odd email/call from people trying to sell you things.  If you don't like what they are offering just politely decline!

    4.   You will be put on our mailing list, if you are not already on it and you will start getting sent emails from us about 4-6 times a month with news, views and invitations to events etc.  (if you don't like what we send you you can easily unsubscribe!)


Who comes along to the events?

    1.    Business owners and entrepreneurs pitching their businesses

    2.    Highly experienced senior executives looking for a 2nd career opportunity and/or an NED position, ranging from ex MDs of Fortune 500, FTSE100 and other global businesses to people who are still on the corporate career ladder and want to help a SME perhaps one day a week or twice a month

    3.    Cashed out entrepreneurs looking for their next big challenge

    4.    Serial "entrepreneur supporters" - those amazing people who come in behind entrepreneurs and make their businesses a success

    5.    Value-add business angels offering to share their skills and experience who may invest at a later date in the business they are working in

    6.    Venture capitalists and others who are talent spotting

    7.    Key influencers in the local business community who can provide connections to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses


What does it cost?


Depending on the city, the cost varies - check out the particular event you want to pitch at on the booking page for details.


Don't worry, we don't charge ANY commission!


What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is outlined in our Terms & Conditions



General Event Questions


How do I get a ticket/pitch slot for an event?

Book at or call us on 01761 452 248


Where do I park, if I am driving?

We will put details on the event booking pages if there are specific parking arrangements, but otherwise we recommend you look on to find local car parks and details of street parking arrangements nearby.


Are you acting as an Employment Agency or Employment Business under the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003?

No, we simply provide a platform for companies to “advertise” their business and potential vacancies within the company at networking events and on our website. We do not match individuals to specific roles or take any responsibility for ensuring that candidates are suitable for the role. Pitching companies are fully responsible for ensuring that individuals who they are introduced to at our events and who they may subsequently engage have the right to work for them, have suitable qualifications and experience and are right for the role in question. Pitching4Management accepts no responsibility for this whatsoever.


For Everyone Else!


Other things we can do for you... 



 For more information contact or call 01749 344 888.


"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet