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Advance Change - Advance Change

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Advance Change - Advance Change

Success story: Advance Change



Nick Berry, a business coach that works with Growth Accelerator companies, advised one of his clients, Lucinda Carney of Advance Chance, to pitch at our Christmas Special event in London at the end of 2012, read their stories below…



Nick: My background is starting, running, growing small businesses.  I spent 11 years in a combination of roles including Sales and Marketing Director, COO and FD in an IT services company called Octavia Information Systems Ltd.  Since selling Octavia in December 2010 I have consolidated my knowledge and experience by working as a Business Coach.  I work with a wide variety of companies and entrepreneurs. I am an approved GrowthAccelerator Coach and now have a dozen clients from the Growth Accelerator scheme. This scheme is government funded and started in June 2012. GrowthAccelerator helps SMEs find the right coach for their requirements and heavily subsidises business coaching and other forms of assistance that they need and may otherwise not be able to afford. This has led me to working with a wide range of companies, from recruitment to tech startups. From working with senior management teams, the biggest problem I consistently come across is SMEs struggling to find the right people for junior and senior position alike.

Advance Change Ltd is a client I have been working with since Sept 2012. The MD, Lucinda Carney and I spent much time discussing the possibility of attracting an experienced Sales Manager / Director to assist with managing partners and resellers. Having personally been aware of P4M for some time and having attended a few events I decided to encourage Lucinda to take part because the name really sums it up. There are already so many general networking events, and so many aimed at pitching for finance. There are very few options when it comes to SMEs finding new experienced people to join their team. These events are a unique forum for SMEs to promote opportunities and equally for experienced business people to get involved with new projects.

I am delighted that GrowthAccelerator and P4M now have a partnership arrangement.  I see this as a strong selling point for both parties and I imagine that more GrowthAccelerator Coaches will see the benefit of clients using P4M as a route to help them attract the right people.

I now have a stream of other clients that are looking at P4M as a route to advertise roles that will be pivotal in their ongoing growth and success.

Lucinda: I founded Advance Change Ltd in 2009 which helps businesses increase productivity and profitability through better people and performance management. I knew that the key to building a high performance culture was through effective goal setting, feedback and appraisal but this could not be achieved effectively by paper or ad hoc appraisal processes. Having scoured the market for a suitable product to ad to my kit bag, I could only find overpriced North American solutions that didn’t meet the needs of the UK market place. As a result we developed Actus to be uniquely user-friendly and meet the needs of the UK SME market.


We were introduced to Growth Accelerator through contacts at the Start-Up Games in 2012, we were impressed by the breadth and value of the offer and have not been disappointed.  Nick Berry, our Growth Accelerator coach, has brought a wealth of value to our business and realistically we could not have afforded to gain from his expertise without the Growth Accelerator programme. It really is amazing value to have experienced, business coaches working with you so closely. We are also starting to take advantage of the training courses and leadership funding which are also of excellent quality. 


Nick had attended Pitching for Management before and recommended it as a great platform to find high quality resource. He explained that the quality of the audience was really high – possibly because they have to pay a reasonable amount for the ticket. This kept out time wasters which meant it would be good use of time even if it had just been for networking.


We weren’t disappointed by the event, there was a maturity and experience to the audience that you don’t find easily and a genuine sense that people wanted to support and do business together. It was very refreshing with a number of sincere and valuable offers made and continuing to come in. I would definitely recommend that other businesses consider Pitching 4 Management and Growth Accelerator, we have had a number of management offers that I am considering and even some potential new clients!

Advance Change - Advance Change

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

Advance Change - Advance Change

Advance Change - Advance Change