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"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet

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About Pitching for Management


Pitching for Management is an evolving platform where innovative exciting companies pitch their businesses to an audience of experienced, talented business professionals that are looking for a new challenge and thrive on the buzz of working within entrepreneurial companies.  


Pitching for Management events are managed by entrepreneurial news service AngelNews -


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Who's it for?


  • Entrepreneurs with a great business that need an extra skill-set to help the company grow to its next stage or to achieve a specific goal.
  • Experienced High-Level Professionalslooking for new and exciting roles or a career challenge, whether it be a full or part-time position, Chairmanship, Mentoring, Non-Executive role, or perhaps a Sales, Finance or Marketing Directorship.
  • Value-add Business Angels looking to work with exciting innovative companies.
  • Serial Entrepreneurs seeking a new venture to be a part of.
  • Key influencers wanting to support the pitching companies in their regions, attend our invaluable post-event networking and become part of our UK wide enterprise network.



Why are we doing this?


Comment from Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Founder and CEO of Pitching for Management:


"Fast-growing businesses have a constant need for quality people to help drive their company growth and many top-level executives are seeking second career challenges or non-executive positions - it makes sense to bring the two together."


Our aim is to help early-stage companies grow quicker and more effectively by focusing on building the right team for their businesses. Whether you have a proven product/service but need help on taking it to market, or are great with sales but need someone to help you with number-crunching in your business, or even if you are thinking about finding a successor or building a Non-Executive board... we can help!! It is a well known fact that investors look for a proven and highly skilled management team when considering whether to invest, and so Pitching for Management is a MUST for any early-stage business looking to raise finance. 



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