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Role Details



Part-time/Flexible Office Manager at Radius Health in Harwell
Full-time COO at Radius Health in Harwell Based
Full-time Sales Manager at White October Events in London
Part-time/Full-time NED/Technical Director at White October Ltd in Oxford area/Remote
Part-time Marketing and business development manager at Reach Robotics in Bristol/Remote
Full time Marketing Executive at AngelNews in London
Negotiable Finance Director at Chibwe in Bristol
Negotiable Business Development Advisor at Caltrics in London
Negotiable Sales and Event Director at DareDevil Project in Bristol/London
Negotiable Business Development Director at Crikey Bikey in
Negotiable Business Development Director at Crikey Bikey in
Negotiable Sales Strategist at Collate It in Cambridge
Negotiable Strategist at Rico's Pizza Shack in Oxford
Full time Digital Marketing Guru and Growth Hacker at Cloudpage in London
Full time Chair and Part time FD Chair and FD at Cahootify in London
Full time CEO at Artlyst in London
Negotiable Marketing Guru at CR Systems in Flexible
Negotiable Global Strategy Advisor at Bad Idea in Scotland
Full time COO at Activ8 in London
Part time CMO at Ether Books in Cambridge
Part-time Operation Officer/Sales Manager at Cambridge Nanosystems in Cambridge
Negotiable Sales Executive at From Pitch to Boardroom in London
Part time Experience Executives at Dotforge Accelerator in Manchester
Negotiable Board Member - Business Strategy at BeeGood in Guildford
Full time Sales/Commercial Lead at Now We Comply in London
Part time Sales/Marketing Director at Educake in Oxford
Full time COO at Smart City Solution in London
Part time Head of Marketing at Emoquo in Basingstoke
Part time Mentor at realTAG in Oxford
Part time Coaches at Oc3 in Oxford
Part time Board Level Sales Role at Tinderbox in Oxford
Full Time Head of Enterprise and Incubation - Innovation RCA at Royal College of Art in London
Full time CMO at Cloudpage in Bristol
Part time Property Professionals at CRCUK in London
Part time Business Growth Advisor at Beyond Experiential in Bristol
Part time UK Ambassadors at Progressio in London
Part time Executive help at Embers Camping in Beaulieu
Full time Senior Management team at Community UK in Hampshire
Part-time Sales and Business Development Manager at Chateau Rouge in London
Part-time Chairman at Digby Fine English in London
Part-time Investment Experts at iNVEZZ in London
Part Time Marketing Strategist and Planner at Newsflare in London
Negotiable Marketing Person at in London
Negotiable Executive Chairman at MDO Consultants Ltd in London
Negotiable CEO at Ten Fold Engineering in London
Negotiable Sales & Marketing Director at KO-SU in London
Negotiable CTO at Vallet 1 in Manchester
Negotiable Commercial Champion at AQR Limited in Manchester
Negotiable COO at Mettletest in Oxford
Negotiable Executive Leadership Team at NewCo in Oxford
Negotiable Chairman and CFO at wUrkbook in Edinburgh
Negotiable Licencing help at Xeroshield in Edinburgh
Negotiable Commercial Director at High House Collections Ltd in Staffordshire
Negotiable Experienced person in the events industry at Blendology in Cambridge
Negotiable Business Development help at Syndicate Room in Cambridge
Full Time Sales Director at Dr Jackson in London
Negotiable Sales and Marketing partner at Somerdata in Bristol
Negotiable Experienced Finance help at SPKC Ltd T/A The Entertainment Exchange in Exeter
Part Time Senior Advisor/ COO Designate at LeadFindrs in London
Negotiable Sales and Marketing expert at Foresite SPA in Birmingham
Negotiable Entrepreneurial CEO at Electrical Contractor in London
Part-time Entrepreneurial & enterprising business development leaders at Rialto Consultancy in London
Part time Technology Director at Imaginox in London
Negotiable Sales Director at Thinking Safe in London
Part time Management prowess - Mentor/Advisor at Quirkos in Edinburgh

"Through Pitching for Management, we found one of our core team in an evening. I can't think of another way this could possibly have happened so swiftly."

Steffan Aquarone, CEO, Droplet